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Friday, 18 November 2005
No Work Today
Or any day, for that matter. None of us have had a job since we were kids. Unification screwed everything up. Seems like today you're either ungodly rich or you're just like us, criminals, desperate. You lose your pride or your scruples pretty fast when there's nothing in your stomach.

Louie's gives me some odd jobs now and then, but they pay in liquor or food, depending on what you want, sometimes a place to sleep. The rest is up to me. I'm a decent pickpocket, but its tough, all the currency is encrypted and secure and you have to hire Techies to break it and they usually run 50-75% of the take. And usually insist on being paid even if they fail to break the dongle or even if they trip the intrusion alerts and get the SSF Pigs on your trail.

Nothing for me today, though, so I just hung around outside Louies bothering people and hoping a likely subject for a shove and grab might wander by, but traffic was thin. Probably because of my friends the Tin Men lounging around down the street, preaching. Everyone avoids them, but there are more and more of them every day. Who joins The Electric Church, anyway? Who volunteers to have their brain put in a cyborg body so you can pray forever? I mean, damn.

At least my Very Special Friend Monk seems to have forgotten me. He's not bothering me, at least. Maybe I am paranoid.

Posted by kitlarmuan at 10:12 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 1 December 2005 11:23 AM EST
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